How to build a robust workplace wellbeing plan. + bonus checklist

Want to build a mentally healthy workplace?

Find out how to support the mental health of your workers with these three easy steps

Based on our survey of 11,000 employees, a staggering 45% felt anxious at work.

Workplace Wellbeing Program Checklist - Free eBook by Workscore

What's inside this guide:

  • graph iconThe latest wellbeing insights from over 11,000 Australian employee
  • icon of lightbulbExpert tips on building a safe and supportive workplace culture
  • icon of clipboard with checklistLearn all the benefits of a workplace wellbeing program

WorkScore Strengths

WorkScore is an award winning Corporate Health and Wellbeing Provider - 2 years running

Corporate Health and Wellbeing Service Provider 2018Silver Corporate Health and Wellbeing Award 2019

Meet Our Founder:

Suzanne Deeming

Hi! I'm Suzanne, the founder of WorkScore. I bring 10 years + experience in change management and operational leadership to my role at WorkScore. Over the last 3 years, my team and I have helped many businesses and thousands of employees embrace wellbeing changes that result in productive and healthy workforces. By prioritising employee wellbeing, improving workplace culture and promoting self-care, organisations enjoy a 6 times plus ROI when using WorkScore. Personally, I attribute my success in business and life to working flexible hours, taking time to self-care and maintaining a positive attitude. I can't wait to help you create a culture of wellness and improve wellbeing with WorkScore.


photo of WorkScore founder Suzanne Deeming