Zero In On Improving Your Focus

Feel like you’re wading through a sea thoughts? Missing a sense of clarity to help you get things done?

Clutter is never a good thing when it comes to concentration and productivity—and this applies to the mental sort as well.

Hit the refresh button on your brain with these mind-clearing activities and get back to what you really need to do:


This practice of seeking inner and out stillness is usually among the ranks of tips to improve your well-being, and rightly so. You may have heard the expression “you are not your thoughts.” Meditation lets you watch those pesky thoughts pass by, allowing space to come between you and them. The more space you create, the more room you have to focus and be productive.

There are various types of meditations, so find one that suits you best. Try on this five-minute mind-cleaner for size.

Connect to Nature

This simple act can have a big impact. It’s been shown that spending time out in nature really does help clear the mind, improving creativity and focus.

Write/Talk It Out

Empty your brain onto paper. Writing down your thoughts may help you reach closure on them—especially when dealing with emotions that might be getting in the way of your productivity. It also allows you to see what it is going on in your head from a different perspective. And if writing isn’t your thing, use the voice recorder option on your phone.


Running is commonly known to help with things like heart health, weight loss and even mood. Research also shows that running can improve mental clarity and even encourage our brains to make new neurons. How much running do you need to see these results? No need to run a marathon—just a cool 30 to 40 minute jog will do the trick.

Brain Games

If emptying those thoughts out doesn’t seem to work—distract yourself! The jury appears to be split on the effectiveness of so called “brain games” to train and strengthen the mind. However, it has been shown that interrupting a task by diverting your attention to something else can improve your performance!

So why not try a cheeky game of Sudoku or Solitaire to break your task up? You might just return renewed and refocused.

Give your brain a good wringing-out with one or more of these tips the next time it feels a bit bogged up.