Yoga Poses For Liver And Kidney Detox

Whether you are new to yoga, want to up your practice or maybe just want to try it as a one off after a little too much indulgence and alcohol over the Christmas and new year period then these next few poses have got you covered.

Your liver has been working hard to filter the liquid you put into your body and so has your kidneys to help detoxify your body so give it a helping hand with the following poses. Hold them for 5 breaths each then slowly release and transition.

Our kidneys are responsible for absorbing essential nutrients and filtering the blood, not to mention producing essential hormones that we cannot live without. Without taking care of them, we put them under extra stress.

Give back to your body with our top 5 poses:

As you move through the poses, listen to your body and give some extra time and love to the ones that are serving you well today.

Torso twist seated: This one is a great twist that releases tension in the spine and allows the internal organs a chance to renew themselves.

Head to knee forward bend: Opening and closing the body, this pose is wonderfully refreshing and will wake you up instantly!

Garland or low squat pose: Perfect for massaging out your liver and kidneys, this low pose brings you closer to the earth, creating a sense of grounding as well as providing gentle pressure and release for your internal organs.

Downward facing dog: Our favourite here at WorkScore, downward facing dog brings your hips high to the sky and allows gravity to take care of the rest. We cannot get enough of this one!

Shoulder stand: This one is great to compress then decompress the internal organs – hitting an imaginary reset button, as well as giving the body a chance to inverse your blood flow as it rushes to your head. As you come out of this one be sure to place your hands/arms flat on the floor like a runway and slowly roll down one vertebra at a time, if you rush and let your body fall you are losing the benefits of the slow and controlled movement that coming out of this pose possess.

Feel your body become new again and repeat this flow as many times as your body needs. It is a great morning flow to get the body functioning but also a great before-bed flow to allow better healing as you sleep