Yoga For Fitness: World Yoga Day!

World Yoga Day is this Friday the 21st of June. Get on board by slapping on a pair of your favourite yoga pants or some gym shorts and unrolling the mat you bought from Kmart that collects dust in your lounge-room corner.

Here are a few simple yoga moves that you can flow with in order to celebrate world yoga day. Better yet, get your whole office involved in some chair yoga from our WellHub.


  • The cat to cow. Start by being on all fours, shoulders above the wrists, knees hip width apart. Press the floor away with your hands as you inhale and draw the shoulder blades away from your neck as you lift and rise through the chest, looking up at the sky. Exhale as you curl your spine, tucking the chin into your chest. Repeat 5-10 rounds.

  • Child pose, wide knees. This is great after cat/cow. Take a wide stance with your knees and lower your upper half towards the floor, arms reaching out in front of you. Try to sit your hips back and glutes towards your feet. Relax, breathe and enjoy the release. Come back to this pose for rest. 

  • Mountain to plank to cobra. Start in downward facing dog with your hips towards the sky, hands planted firmly into the floor, feet peddling. Move forward into a high plank, inching your body into a flat plank position, shoulders slightly over your wrists. From here you can lower to your knees or stay in plank and use your triceps to lower all the way down to the floor, hugging the elbows into your sides. Once all the way down on the floor, release and breathe. Place your hands under your shoulders and lift your head, squeeze your shoulder blades and your your arms and chest to lift your upper body into a cobra pose. Repeat this flow as many times as you like, focus on the breath every time. Slow and steady wins this flow. 

  • Goddess pose. Perfect for opening the hips, stand with the feet wider than your hips, toes pointing slightly outwards. Sit back into your imaginary chair, ensuring your hips push back and your chest comes slightly forwards. Place the elbows into the inner side of each thigh and rest here, stretching out the inner thighs, moving slightly to get more into the hip flexors. Rise back up after 5 breaths and repeat. 

  • Warrior one to two and reverse warrior: Stand in a high lunge, ensuring your front knee doesn't go over your toe. Raise the arms up the to sky for warrior one, transition into warrior two by turning the back foot out to 90 degrees and ensuring the front knee doesn't turn in. Raise the arms to shoulder height, one shooting forwards and the other shooting back. Look towards the middle finger of your front hand. Finish the flow by flipping the front hand, dropping back hand to the back leg and reversing your warrior by painting the sky. Maintain a slight bend in the legs. Repeat.

  • Happy baby. To finish, why not take it back to the times when things were simple, happy baby. Lie on your back, bring your feet up to table top and either grasp into your big toes, one in each hand, around the foot or ankle. Roll gently in circles or side to side and release any tension in the lower back and pelvis.

Remember to rest and relax when needed and throw in a few breaths of mindfulness at the end. 

Happy World Yoga Day Yoginis! Be sure to tag #WorkScore #worldyogaday if you try some of these flows. 

Here is our fitness expert Mel performing some simple chair yoga poses that you can follow along with as well as some bonus mindfulness techniques.

Sitting Stretches from WorkScore Pty Ltd on Vimeo.