Which Type Of Yoga Is For You? - Take The Quiz

For thousands of years, Yoga has been practised, and rarely mastered, due to its nature of encouraging the body and mind to evolve and change constantly.

With classes popping up all over the place including some workplaces, it is getting easier to include yoga in our weekly exercise routines. Plus there are many health benefits associated with regular yoga practice should as: reduced anxiety and depression, increased flexibility and stamina, Improved sleep as well as better general fitness and wellbeingYoga also helps you to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the busy world and reconnect body and mind. 

These are 4 popular types of Yoga to choose from and we break down the details so you can choose one that best suits you. 

The Break Down:

  • Hatha: A.K.A Sun-moon Yoga: Hatha Yoga is an ancient practice that aims to invoke balance in the opposing body parts. By breathing into ‘Asanas’ or postures and meditating this balance of the mind, body and spirit can be achieved. It is a very common type of Yoga and is what most Yoga studios offer to beginners.

  • Vinyasa: This variation of Yoga utilises the breath to allow step-by-step flowing of movements and postures, often practised at a faster pace than Hatha and breaks a light sweat. It can also be referred to as Power Yoga due to the flowing and powerful nature of the breath and posture patterns. Some classes are for beginners, others are intermediate or advanced, so ensure to ask the studio you choose which level is suitable for you. You will come across down-ward facing dog and sun salutations in this practice regularly.

  • Yin: Also known as ‘Restorative Yoga’ helps to work the stable parts of the body, this deep tension releasing Yoga practice will allow you to stretch thoroughly, release any tight muscles, help to increase flexibility and strength in the joints as well as increasing connective tissue durability. This will assist with your other forms of training and exercise.

  • Nidra: The wonderful and relaxing yoga is amazing for those with insomnia, stress or simply needing to feel more connected to their body. As it is a guided experience it required little effort and the best part- you do it while lying down! It will take you through ‘5 layers of self’ and help create body and mind awareness and mindfulness to increase your wellbeing overall. Click here to find a suitable Yoga Nidra podcast for you.

If you cant find a local class, try yoga at home. Practising at home is a great option as this allows you to move through poses, breathing patterns and flow, adapting to how you feel, without worrying how the pose should look

Quick Quiz: Answer these Multiple-Choice Questions to find the right yoga practice for you.

In the morning I feel;

  • a) Lethargic, stiff and even more tired than when I went to sleep

  • b) Energised and ready for the day ahead, this is my prime time

  • c) Stressed about what the day is going to bring for me, my mind is already on overload

  • d) Ready for my gym session, I exercise almost every morning

My body feels best when I am;

  • a) Constantly moving and flowing

  • b) Stretching and breathing into a movement for long periods of time

  • c) Relaxing and sleeping

  • d) Powering through an intense cardio or weights workout

After a workout I;

  • a) Always stretch, it’s part of my routine

  • b) Wish I stretched for longer, only a quick arm stretch here and there

  • c) Rush out the door, never stretch, am I late for work?

  • d) Throw in a few more minutes of hard work- why not?

I feel like I don’t do enough;

  • a) Moving throughout my day

  • b) Stretching or allowing for my body to recover before I work out again

  • c) Mindfulness or meditation practice

  • d) Variation in my workouts or relaxation

I prefer;

  • a) Using a personal trainer or friend to help motivate me

  • b) Working out at my own pace, no stress

  • c) Changing up my workouts weekly, I get bored easily

  • d) Intense and sweaty workouts

Yoga for you:

If you answered mostly A’s: Vinyasa is for you, it will be a great form of cardio, stretching and flowing movement to keep your body balanced, fit and healthy, all while staying in touch with how you are feeling in the moment with the breath.

If you answered Mostly B’s: Yin would be best, practice before bed and ensure to hold each pose for at least 3 minutes. Poses that target areas that are tight are best, breathe deeply and connect with the body on a new level.

If you answered Mostly C’s: Nidra will help you find your restful state, but a combination of Hatha and Nidra will bring you a balance of both movement, stress relief and conscious rest for your busy mind and schedule. Morning practice would be best suited.

If you Answered Mostly D’s: It seems you are already completing a great amount of exercise and keeping yourself in shape, but some mindfulness practice and mental shut down may do you some good, try a yoga Nidra podcast to expand your resting state and help with full relaxation.

If you got a mix: You seem to be well balanced in how you are feeling at the moment. By combing a few postures from each of the yoga variations above into a 45-minute practice a few times a week you will be able to maintain that balance on the inside and out more easily.

Enjoy your practice.