Workplace Sustainability

Adopting a sustainable lifestyle at home is a great way to do your part for the earth and many people practice pro-environmental habits at home, but not at work.

Imagine if workplaces encouraged and adopted similar practices, the impact would be vast; reduced carbon footprint, through reduced water and heating usage and money saved.

Here are some easy ways to get started:

  • Stop and swap: Some workplaces have introduced Shwopping initiatives that encourage employees to bring in old items of clothing or bric-a-brac that you no longer use or need and swap with others or simply let it go. This community gathering exercise not only helps the environment by reducing waste, but it also encourages positive communication and sharing in the workplace.

  • Rubbish: With 51% of our rubbish going into the recycling bin at home, it appears we are clear on household recycling, however there is also a long list of things that can be recycled in the workplace. Review this list from Planet Ark which details how to recycle everything from batteries and mobile phones to lightglobes.

  • Donate: When updating the workspace or cleaning out closets be sure to donate all reusable items to those in need. Check out charities like The Generous and the Grateful who collect old furniture and deliver to families in need, or register items on Givit to ensure they go to a deserving recipient.

  • Ditch Disposables: Help your workplace to reduce their plastic consumption by  removing plastic cups from the water cooler and coffee machine. Encourage personal keep cups and provide glassware or mugs instead. Take it on step further and denounce the use of plastic bags and diminish the use of plastic pens.

  • Support: Does your workplace support a charity or make a yearly donation? Why not suggest supporting Take3 or, these organisations are working hard to save our oceans from plastic waste, and need help to do it. Purchase an ocean plastic recycled product or support them by spreading their message or contributing financially to their cause.