Workout - Strengthen Me

Lifting weights or anaerobic training  (short-lasting, high-intensity activities) are a great addition to your gym routine. Great for developing stronger muscles and increasing your endurance.

Here are a few exercises to get you started or to add to your normal program.

All you need are 2 x dumbbells, weight of choice (if you are a beginner start with a light weight such as 3 kg).

Complete 15-20 repetitions at a lighter weight for fitness, 8-10 repetitions with heavier weights or 3-6 repetitions if you are lifting really heavy weight for strength and power. 

  • Shoulder press: Start with the dumbbells at shoulder height, wrists facing forwards. Press both up at the same time until they touch one another, lower down and repeat.

  • Stiff legged deadlifts: Begin with your shoulders pulled back, legs almost straight, dumbbells resting on your thighs, slowly lower them down your legs as your hips push back behind you, aiming for only a small bend in the knee as you feel the hamstrings working. When you reach halfway down your calves, rise back up slowly, ensuring the dumbbells stay close to the body at all times.

  • Lunge with curls: Begin with your dumbbells by your side, step forward or backwards into your chosen lunge variation and as you do so, bring your arms up into a bicep curl.

  • Plie squats: Taking a wide squat stance, grasp one dumbbells with both hands between your legs. As you lower into your squat, keep the shoulders back and chest open and lower the dumbbells at the same time.

  • Renegade row: This can be completed on the knees or in the plank position. Place weights in hands and draw them up towards your arm pits as you squeeze the shoulder blades together and activate the core. Alternate one at a time and continue for desired repetitions.