Workouts You Can Do At Your Desk

Do you find yourself sitting for most of your day at work? Chances are you will suffer from back pain or poor posture if you do.

Taking time to move and stretch is very important to prevent back pain, poor posture and an increasing waist line. Whilst walking around each hour is a good start, an even better way to stay fit at work is to add these simple exercises to your day.

Desk push-ups:

Standing in front of your desk, step back so your body is on an angle (you can also use a wall nearby), ensure your wrists are out from your shoulder and pressed onto the desk or wall in front of you (like a push-up on the floor), lower the body from a plank position, with the core activated and hips tucked. Use the chest and arms to push yourself back up the starting position. Aim for 5-10 every time you do this one. Build up over time and soon you will be up to 20 without breaking a sweat!

Chair twist:

Sit on the edge of your chair, but not too far forward, you want to feel stable. Once in a good position, twist the body to look over the left shoulder. You can grab onto the back the chair with the left arm (if available) to enhance this pose. Hold for 3 deep breaths then do the right side. Do this a few times each side to warm up the spine and reset your posture.

Toe touches:

Seated still close to the edge of your chair, start with your chest open and shoulder back. Fold at the hips and touch your toes with your fingertips if you can. If not let the arms hang where they fall. Always keep the knees bent and slowly roll up after 3 breaths. Repeat. This one is also great to do with a big sigh at the end to release tension and stress.

Chest stretch overhead:

Seated or standing, interlace the fingers in front of the body. Open up the chest and raise the arms over head, following your hands with your eyes. Press your interlaced palms to the sky and open-up through the shoulders. Breath, then release slowly. Repeat as many times as desired.

Leg extension:

Again, sit on a stable edge of the chair with shoulder and chest open, head looking forward. Place your hands on your hips. Your knees will be hip distance apart and at a 90-degree angle to the floor. Slowly and with control lift and extend your left leg so that it becomes almost straight and parallel to the floor. Flex and squeeze all of your muscles, then slowly release. Repeat 10-20 times each leg.

Sit to stand:

Standing up in front of your chair (chair behind you), place your arms out straight in front of you and sit back into a squat, touch the seat with your bottom then rise back up straight away. Repeat!

These are just some simple ways you can incorporate movement into your daily desk job or stretch out any unwanted niggles and tension throughout your day.