Workout From Your Core

Looking to define and shape your abs and strengthen your core? Then this workout is the perfect for you.

All bases are covered in this workout; obliques, abdominals, lower and upper back, as well as strengthening the erector spinae muscles (those large muscles that start near the sacrum and extend vertically up the length of the back). 

Complete 1 set of each exercise for 45 seconds, rest for 15 seconds between exercises and repeat 4-5 rounds in total. 

And, remember to check with your doctor before starting a new exercise routine.

  • Russian Twists:

In a seated position with feet in front at a 45-degree angle and toes facing the roof, lean back slightly to engage abdominal's and then begin to twist side to side, tapping the floor with your hands (your can add weight by using a ball or kettlebell).

  • Mountain climbers:

Start in a high plank position, bring one knee in at a time, towards your nose and alternate, try to go as fast as possible without losing the engagement of your abs.

  • Side plank:

Begin on your side with your forearm and fist on the mat at a 90-degree angle to your body. For beginners, leave the bottom knee down on the floor; raising the bottom hip off the mat; ensuring the knees, hips and shoulders are all aligned. If you are more advanced go for the more advanced position, with both knees and hips lifted high off the mat. The full version includes lifting your top leg up to hip height. Aim to hold for the full duration but rest if needed.

  • Scissors:

Lying flat on your back, place the hands in the natural curve of your lower back. Raise the legs slightly off the floor and with a small gap open and cross over the feet with pointed toes.

  • Push-ups:

These can be performed on the knees or full, both versions require the hips to be tucked, abs engaged and elbows pointing out. Wrists should always remain slightly in front of the shoulders. Lower chest and face towards the floor, engage abs and use the chest to push back up into the starting position. If on knees, ensure tops of the thighs are lowered to the floor as you lower down. 

  • Crunches:

Lying flat on your back, feet hip width apart - flat on the floor, place the hands behind your head, thumbs lining the sides of the neck facing down. With the elbows facing out the entire time, roll the top abdominal's up as you look between the legs. Roll down and repeat.


Work your core at least once a week for strength and stability benefits.