Workout From Home: No Equipment Needed!

Working out can seem really time consuming if you need to get to a gym, set up, workout, stretch and then head back home.

Eliminate the in-between time by doing this simple home workout that you only need a towel or yoga mat to complete!

  1. Squat to floor tap: Head down into a squat, feet hip distance apart with toes shooting outwards slightly, sit back in your 'imaginary chair' and aim for the hips to get as low as possible without compromising the core or lower back. Tap the floor with your hands and then raise back up to standing. Repeat 3 rounds of 20 reps.

  2. Single leg hip raise: Lying flat on your back, place your feet hip distance apart and tuck your tail bone as your roll the spine up and push the hips to the ceiling. Lift one leg up and straighten for a pulse, replace leg back down, roll the spine back to the starting position and repeat on the other side. Complete 20 in total, 10 each side, 3 Rounds.

  3. Side plank, needle thread: There are two variations for this exercise. You can either have the bottom knee on the floor for support and the top leg out stretched in your side plank position or you can have both feet stacked in full side plank. Raise the top arm to the sky, breathe as you twist and thread your arm under your raised side and back up. Repeat 3 rounds 10 each side.

  4. Jackknives: Laying on the floor, reach your arms straight above your head resting on the floor and legs together on the floor in front. Reach the feet to the hands in the middle of the body, like you are sandwiching yourself together. Feel the core activate and slowly lower back down. Complete 3 rounds of 8 reps.

  5. Walking lunges: Either in a hallways or around your lounge room, step forward into a long lunge, bending the front and back knee at 90 degree angles. Ensure your front knee doesn't go over the toes. Step forward and together each rep, complete 3 rounds of 10 each leg.

Don't forget to tag us in any videos of your workouts, we love to see how you are going! #workscore #workout