When Was Your Last Check-Up?

Getting your body and mind regularly checked by a GP is something that most of us don’t do enough. Either we think we don’t need to or we just don’t want to make the time.

Did you know?

People want doctors to provide more preventative care, but how can this be if we don't book an appointment to begin with?

If we make the effort to visit the GP every 6 months or yearly, unless sick, it is worth while getting your blood pressure, heart rate, weight and a blood test done.

In a world where there is more than enough we need to remember, we are more likely to go to the doctors if sent a reminder. Ask your physician to set up a 6 monthly check-up reminder for you or put it in your phone as a reoccurring event.

But, I am afraid:

If you feel afraid of what you might find out, then you definitely need to go to the doctors. Avoiding the truth is a great way to go backwards in life and instead of achieving goals and improving your health, you are simply setting yourself up for failure.

Getting a check-up could mean you get the treatment or recommendations you need to improve your health for a better future. It may also mean you get an early diagnosis that could be life saving!

According to a Standford University study, 29% of Americans say that they didn’t think their problem was big enough or important enough to warrant a visit to the doctor. With around 50% of women going to the doctors before they were ill and only 34% of men, these stats show that there is not enough emphasis on preventive care, which is key to catching disease, illness etc. before it is too late.

If you feel there might be something wrong or you are not feeling 100% yourself, don’t simply google your symptoms, go and see a professional. Most suburbs have a bulk billed medical clinic for anyone with Medicare cards and/or a health fund.

Seek clarity of your health now and don’t wait until it is too late to do anything about it. Prevention is the best medicine.

Your GP will also have connections to other medical professionals, specialists, psychologists, dietitians, physiotherapists etc, so they really are your best starting point for diagnosis, check-ups and clarification of any questions you may have.

Book yourself in today and start on a path to better heath and body awareness.