What Your Hair Health Says About You

Your hair health can say a lot about what is happening internally with your bodily systems. That said, there are a whole range of other factors that can cause unhealthy hair/nails, lack of growth and strength.

Let’s start with the basics: What are your hair strands and nails mainly comprised of; Dead cells and cells. Our DNA decides what kind of hair we end up with. As we start to alter the hair through blow drying, adding gels, sprays and more, we begin to damage the hair and the hair follicle over time.

What defines healthy hair?

Healthy hair is different for every individual but key things to look for include;

  • Shine

  • Smooth to touch

  • Clean cut ends with no splits

  • Minimal breakage

  • Minimal loss

  • Tapered tips on longer hair is healthy

Oily hair? Maybe you even have oily hair and a dry scalp?

  • Take into consideration how often you are washing your hair or if you need to up the amount.

  • Too much washing can remove the scalps natural oils and cause the body to produce more as a result!

  • Avoid conditioning any higher than your neck line to avoid build up.

  • When shampooing, ensure you give your scalp a really good massage, even use a rubber silicone brush to help remove residue and excess oil.

Try these natural remedies:

Dry hair?

  • Coconut, olive or almond oil warmed up and massaged into the hair and gently rubbed down the lengths of the hair and allow extra for the ends. Leave on for 10 mins then rinse off with warm water. Rinse thoroughly.

  • Beer! Funnily enough, this alcoholic beverage is great for your hair. It contains a special protein that helps to repair, strengthen, smooth and enhances shine.

  • Avoid using flat irons, curlers and shampoos/conditioners that contain a lot of chemicals you cannot pronounce. Go for salon brands or brands with natural ingredients.