What To Stock In The Work Kitchen

With obesity on the rise and a reported 63% of Australian adults classified as obese, employers are turning to healthier onsite options for workers.

Here are our top tips for replacing the sugary treats with healthier options:

  • Change the vending machine snacks: Convenient as they are, they are usually filled with lollies, chocolate and chips. Investigate healthy vending machine options that will fill them up and increase their nutrient intake. Include things like; mixed unsalted nuts, muesli bars, yogurts, dried fruits and healthy juices. AusBox vending offer healthy alternatives.

  • Add vegetables to the fruit box: Fruit boxes are commonplace across organisations however not many offer vegetables too. Often cheaper than fruit, vegetables that are easy to clean and eat such as carrots, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and capsicum are all high in water content, which is great for staying hydrated and packed with essential nutrients. Keep the vegetables in the fridge and make an eye-catching sign for your fridge to encourage them to be eaten.

  • Hummus: Who doesn’t love this wonderful chickpea dip? It is high in protein and has been shown to lower cholesterol. By keeping a few tubs in the communal kitchen fridge, everyone can use it either in their lunch or as a side to the fresh vegetables you are now offering as snacks. Yum!

  • Water: Instead of having soft drinks available, make water appealing by putting up a fact sheet next to the tap. Include the amount of recommended water per day, the fact that out bodies are 60% water and how being hydrated has many benefits for the skin, body and mind. Re-usable drink bottles are a great incentive for your employees to drink more water, they can keep it on their desk for easy access. Why not add your company branding as well?

  • Rice crackers: We all crave a bit of something salty when the afternoon slump hits, having rice crackers instead of chips available is a great way to satisfy the salty cravings and keep health in check. Some great options are; Vita Weats, Ritz or Fantastic seaweed or original crackers. Top tip: these are also amazing with Hummus!

  • Dark chocolate: Everyone needs a pick me up after a hard day, especially on Mondays, so why not point them in the right direction by offering single serve dark chocolate bars. Not only are you helping with portion control, but you are also providing awesome health benefits that dark chocolate offers. It tastes amazing, has been proven to lower blood pressure and lower the rate of insulin resistance.