What Is Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon)?

Ever heard of this weird and wonderful form of training that is supposed to have magical benefits for your body?

Well, Metcon is not a gimmick or new fitness trend. No, it is the real deal, a style of training that will significantly boost your metabolism and increase fitness in no time.

So what is it?

Metcon is not one particular style of workout, instead it is made up of HIIT, Interval training and Tabata style training.

Through combining these high intensity, shot bursts of exercise you get the maximum aerobic and anaerobic benefits.

Metcon is designed to "increase the storage and delivery of energy for any activity".

The benefits:

  • Muscle maintenance

  • Less depletion

  • Increased heart health

  • Increased VO2 Max

  • Increase in fitness and cardiovascular levelsĀ 

  • Fat burning

  • Ready for anything that life throws your way!

  • It doesn't take long to build up a sweat in a workout, 20 minutes is all you need!


When we workout our bodies constantly move through different phases of energy usage and expenditure. There are 3 phases that our body goes through when we exercise:

  • The first 10 seconds during high power exercise/activities uses something called phosphagen (no oxygen required).

  • The second phase is glycolytic and is used within the first 7 or so minutes. (no oxygen required)

  • Lastly we have the oxidative phase which is for a more sustained period of time, this is more like cardiovascular steady state movements.

  • The first 2 phases are classified as anaerobic because no oxygen is needed for them to work.

  • The last requires oxygen, hence the name and is classified as aerobic exercise.

Give this workout a try and feel the difference.