What Good Looks Like In Workplace Wellbeing

Inspiration is a superb motivator. Nearly all of the most successful people had heroes. They needed a model to look up to so they could achieve their best.

When creating an outstanding wellbeing program, it can be easy to get stuck. Sure, the business case for having wellness initiatives is strong. But are you drawing a blank on ideas for useful program components? Do you need inspiration?

Let’s see what ‘the best’ looks like when it comes to wellbeing programs and what you can do to get there:

Fit in fitness

To make fitness accessible to everyone working within the Barangaroo precinct, developers Lendlease and Fitness First created a state of the art wellness centre. It’s equipped to offer yoga, pilates and relaxation classes and acts as a complement to the wide open, waterfront spaces which are excellent for a lunchtime walk or run. Fitness and sport play a massive role at the Nike headquarters in Oregon. Living up to their brand identity, employees enjoy running tracks an Olympic-sized swimming pool, basketball courts and soccer fields.  

Mind their mental health

Technology giant Microsoft recognised the need to look after the mental wellbeing of their people. So, they offer free personal and family counselling, including support for stress management via their Microsoft CARES program.

Meanwhile, in the UK, Barclays launched a campaign to help remove the stigma that surrounds speaking up about mental health issues. It enjoyed much success, so they scaled up the campaign to include other organisations and local government authorities.

Promote good nutrition

Clever Google used a smart approach to improving workplace diet habits for its workers. Using a scientific method to changing eating behaviours, they came up with winning campaigns to get people to eat more vegetables, stocked their kitchens with nutritious meals and snacks, and encouraged employees to eat smaller meal portions.

Bring it all together

Want an award-winning program? Take a leaf off Youi’s book with their YourLife program: Take a holistic approach.

Not only does it offer all of the above components, but also nutrition assistance and help for workers who want to quit smoking. Everyone participates, including their CEO who leads a weekly jog for anyone who wants to join in.

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Be inspired by the best, create a top-performing wellbeing program and who knows, one day other companies could be looking to you for inspiration!