Weight Lifting - Get Pumped

Weight lifting is great for building strength and muscle, no matter your personal goal, weight lifting is great for everyone at any level. Always start light and build your way up if you don't have experience.

Try these exercises next time you go to the gym:

Barbells: Barbells are great for training larger muscle groups and are usually for compound movements.

Sumo dead-lift: With a barbell on the floor, have wide feet, toes shooting out slightly, don't let your knees go over your toes as you lower down with straight arms, flat back and bent knees, open the chest and keep your shoulders back and lat muscles active. Take an over hand grip with both hands, shoulder width apart. Sit back into your squat-like position and open the chest, face forward, inhale and lift with the core and legs until standing. Exhale as you slowly, with control, lower the bar back to the floor. Repeat.

Close- grip bench press: Lying on a flat bench, set the barbell up above you so that you can lift it off safely and place it back without lifting your upper body off the bench. Have your hands 2 fists distance apart with your elbows tucked into the sides of your body and your lower back flat on the bench. Inhale as you push the bar up and off the safeties and lower down in line with your sternum, activating the triceps, press back up to the starting position on your exhale.

Front squats: Set up your barbell in a squat rack, step towards the bar and ensure it sit inline with your collar bones if your knees are slightly bent. Cross over your arms and loop hands under the bar in a cross over grip, allow the car to rest on the front of the shoulders and in the hands. Inhale, lower back down into your squat with the feet hip distance apart and knees out towards the toes. Pretend you are sitting back and down into a low chair. Rise back up as you exhale.

Dumbbells: These are great to target small muscle groups.

Reverse fly’s: Begin by grabbing two light dumbbells, around 3-4kg. Bend at the hips and soften the knees, keeping your back flat and shoulders back. You do not want your chest caving in nor to have your back dipping or hunching. With long arms, dumbbells together, open and close like wings. Repeat, activating the middle of the back.

Elevated shoulder press single arm: Sit on a bench for this exercise. Adjust the seat so it supports you to remain upright. Push 2 dumbbells above your head and keep one up in the air as you lower the other down to ear height. Push back up and meet the other dumbbell at the top, repeat with the other side.

Db pullovers: Lying on a flat bench, take one heavy dumbbell and lift it so it is above your chest. Take a triangle grip so that the head of the dumbbell is away from your hands and your fingers cross over under the head for support. Lower it back behind you as you keep your arms long and strong and your back activated. Ensure your lower back is pressed into the bench below. As you raise the dumbbell back over your chest, keep the arms extended and squeeze the chest at the top.