Weight It Up

Cardio or weights? It really is a hard decision as cardio will build up your fitness while weight training will build muscle. If your goal is general conditioning, maintaining existing muscle mass, and staying trim then you will need to balance both cardio and weight training in your routine. 

And, we have the perfect workout that incorporates both weight and cardio training in one. This heart-racing weights workout will grow your muscles, increase endurance and boost your fitness.

Complete 4 sets of each exercise, with around 15-20 repetitions. Pick a weight that allows you to complete the last repetition with a minor, vein popping, struggle.

  1. Renegade row: With a dumbbell in each hand in a high plank position, begin to draw one elbow in towards the roof, squeezing the shoulder blades together as you do so, maintaining your core integrity and squeezing the obliques as you do so. Return it to the floor and repeat on the other side. 

  2. Kettle bell clean and press: In a wide leg position, bend the knees like a squat, looking forward as you pick up the kettle bell with one arm off the floor, stand back up and raise the kettle bell up to shoulder height then clean the kettle bell above the head. Return back to shoulder height then bend back down to return it to the floor. Repeat for 15-20 reps each side. 

  3. Deadlifts: Grab an Olympic bar, add some light plates to the side and get going with your deadlifts. Remember, when you deadlift to keep your feet wider than your hips, if you choose to do an alternate grip, switch between sets and keep the bar as close to your body as you can. Maintain a flat back and squeeze the shoulder back the entire time, no hunch backs! Be safe, slow and controlled when performing deadlifts. 

  4. Hip thrusters: On a bench, let your body be on the floor in front and your shoulder blades resting on the long part of the bench. Using a plate, place it on your lap, across the thighs. Raise the hips from the floor to the sky as you keep your chin slightly tucked. Activate the glutes and slowly lower back down. Feel the burn!

  5. Shoulder press. Standing or seated, place a your dumbbells at shoulder height, with the elbows out and inline with shoulders. Raise the db's simultaneously until they tap at the top, lower back down to the starting position and repeat. 

  6. Lat-pull down: Using the Lat-pull down machine with the long bar attachment, seat yourself down and ensure the seat is at a good height and the bar above the legs is secure. Stand up to begin. Grab the bar with a wide grip, hands even distance apart, and as you sit down, pull the bar to the top of the chest, squeezing the back and activating the latissimus dorsi muscle. Repeat. 

  7. Cable pectoral fly’s: Set up the cable machine so that the handles you will grip onto are higher than your head. Grab each one and step forward slightly, maintaining a flat back and good posture, squeeze the handles towards one another at the same time, activating the chest and squeezing the pectoral muscles. Muscle mind connection is important here! Take your time returning back to the starting position and change the front foot each set.

  8. Plate back extensions: On the back extension bench, set the height so that you can lean over the top without the stomach interfering. The top of the bench should be near the hips. Get a weight plate and place onto the chest, cross your arms over it to hold it in place as you slowly lower towards the floor and then raise back up, holding onto the plate and looking forward as you rise. This is great for the lower back muscles and the hamstrings.