Ways To Love & Value Your Body

We’re all about body appreciation and loving the skin you’re in. Not because self-love is some trendy new thing to do, but for the fact that loving your body for just the way it is, is a powerful way to live. 

Here’s what can happen when you stop shaming and blaming and start caring and nurturing the only bod you’ve got: 

  • You’ll feel loved. Often we look for others to love and validate us, without realising just how limitless the love we have for ourselves could be. 

  • You’ll stop feeling less than. If you cultivate love for your own body, you’ll realise that there isn’t any value in comparing to others. 

  • You’ll make smarter decisions for your body. Once you truly care for yourself, you’ll want to do things that are good for like eat better, move more and stress less. 

  • You won’t settle. As your sense of value grows, putting up with negative people and situations will become less and less easy to do. 

But it’s one thing to understand you should love your body for the way it is, and another thing to start feeling it. When and how can this shift happen? 

Like any new way of thinking and doing, motivation and practice are key. If you understand the downstream benefits of loving yourself, then the next thing to do is make moves in the right direction. 

Make time for little acts of love towards your body and yourself: 

  • Go find a spot of sunshine, sit, breathe and feel the rays hitting your skin. Sunbathing like this is such a natural thing for humans to do, yet we’re often too packed into cubicles to find the time. 

  • Have a full body stretch. This loosens muscles, releases pent up tension and get the blood flowing. It’s good for your posture, your mind and helps you feel into your body. 

  • Put on a face-mask and use a natural body scrub for a full body exfoliation. Exfoliating removes layers of dead skin and can help you feel like a happy little baby again!

  • Go get a haircut. Seriously, who doesn’t feel great after fresh locks and a style? 

  • Look at yourself in the mirror and think or say five things that are great about yourself. Do this every day. 

  • Treat yourself to a good book, people-watching and a warm cup of coffee at your favourite cafe. Quiet dates with yourself can be a great way to unwind for a bit. 

Radical self-love isn’t as scary as it sounds. You can build it with small everyday habits mixed with occasional splurges of self-care and one day, you may just start feeling really worth it.