Ways To Get Fit On Weekends

Exercise comes in many forms and is certainly not confined to a gym or running track. Make the most of the endless summer and outdoors this weekend and take your workout 'al fresco" with our top suggestions. 

Swim at the beach: Throw on a wet-suit if the ocean is too cold for you and swim some laps, often the water if warmer in winter than the temperatures outside, you might surprise yourself with some cleansing waves and oceanic vibes.

Take the dog for a walk: This simple yet often neglected act can conjure up a nice bond with your dog and family members, take it in turns to walk the dog, but go along for the walk even if it is not your turn to walk the dog. A nice chat and a relaxing walk outdoors in the fresh air is just what the doctor ordered.

Go mountain biking: This is awesome fun and great fitness going up and down hills and challenging yourself to keep going up those extra steep hills. Even your push bike that has been buried among the clutter in the garage can be put to use here, if your bike doesn’t have gears, pick a flat pathway and go for a nice long ride in the sun. Wear a helmet and involve friends or family.

Bush walking: Always wear a hat, sunscreen and pack plenty of water. Plan your walk and let someone else know where you are ventured off too. Get lost in the wilderness of a local national park, but make sure you know your way back!

Set up an outdoor yoga space: This can be in a covered outdoor area or on the grass. Throw down some mats or a few beach towels and get into some of your favourite poses, or use the space for a good cool down stretch after a busy day.

Fun run: No matter what your level of fitness, you can enter into a fun run or 5km park run, you can walk with a friend or jog or run depending on where you are at fitness wise. These fun events are often on weekends. Make a day out of it and get all your family and friends involved and encouraging you.