Warming & Energising Breathing

Ujayi (oo-jai) Breath: An ancient breathing technique used in yoga for centuries with many benefits. 

  • This is also known as the warming breath

  • Reduce feelings of irritation and frustration

  • Energy and balance, realign all areas of the body and mind.

  • When feeling overwhelmed it is a simple way to bring yourself back to the present moment in a collected way.

How to:

  1. As this is nostril breathing, close your lips gently together.

  2. Start breathing normally in through your nose and out through your nose. Be conscious about this and but your whole focus on the in and the out.

  3. Now, begin to inhale through your nose to fill your belly all the way so it is expanded. Deep breath.

  4. When you exhale, do it slowly, with conscious effort put into the back of the throat, closing it off slightly. Your exhale should make a husky sound like the ocean.

This breathing technique can take time and practice to understand and hear the husky sounds. The benefits are straight away though, so keep trying and using this technique even if you think you haven’t quite mastered it yet.

Ujayi breathing is amazing for the cooler months and a wonderful way to start the day as soon as you wake-up or even to warm up before your workout starts. It will boost your energy and make you feel high on oxygen!

Did you know? It is also called “victorious breath”.

Feel victorious today with 10 deep breaths Ujayi style.