Warm Up Workout

On the cooler mornings to come, layer yourself up and find a place outdoors to get some fresh air and a glimpse of the bright morning sun coming up over the trees. This simple workout will have your entire body warm and the layers peeling off in no time. 

Round 1:

Run for 30 seconds (On the spot or around in a circle, reverse every now and then to avoid dizziness)

Squats 30 seconds. These are perfect for toning the glutes and hamstrings as well as giving the quads a super workout.

Round 2:

Run for 30 seconds

Reverse Lunges 30 seconds. The core should be activated to support the lower back and aim for the back knee to be at 90 degrees.

Round 3:

Run for 30 seconds

High knees for 30 seconds. Bring those knees as high up to the chest as you can, activating the abdominal's and going as fast as you can. Eliminate jumping if you have a knee injury.

Round 4: 

Run for 30 seconds

High kicks (alternating) for 30 seconds in total. Step back then power through with your kick, pushing the toes away from the body. Aim high!

Round 5: 

Run for 30 seconds

Toe taps for 30 seconds (on the spot small, shuffle-like jumps in between tapping toes to a point on the ground).

Cat and cow stretch on the knees, followed by holding child's pose to finish.

As your heart rate slows and a warm shower awaits. Well done! The hard work is over and you will feel much more energised and warm for the day to come.