Upper Body Blaster

If you are looking to increase your upper body strength then a minimum of 2 upper body workouts are required weekly.

Here is a breakdown of the rep and set ranges you should be working in depending on your goals:

  1. Strength: If strength is your goal aim for 3-6 sets of 3-6 reps. Remember on your final rep you should be able to finish it but fail if you try for one more.

  2. Hypertrophy: Building muscle takes more reps but less weight. Aim for 8-10 reps and 3-4 sets. Choose weight you can do all 8-10 reps with.

  3. Endurance: If you goal is to build up your fitness and endurance go for more reps. Aim for no less than 15-20 reps and around 3-4 sets all up. Choose a weight that you can do this many reps with to completion.

The following 10 exercises can be done in any order and it is recommended that you mix them up and try not to complete them in the same order every time. This will allow you to shock the muscles and prevent plateau. 

Note: DB = Dumbbell, BB=Barbell, ss=superset  
  1. DB chest press ss/db chest flys

  2. Standing DB Triceps press ss/bench dips

  3. DB hammer curls ss/bicep curls

  4. Lateral pull downs, long bar, wide grip and close grip alternating

  5. BB bent over rows

  6. BB shrugs

  7. DB reverse fly's with

  8. DB renegade row with

  9. DB lateral and front raises

  10. BB shoulder press

Give this workout a try and record the weights you are lifting to track progress. Each month try and add a small amount of weight to your load for best results and to avoid injury.