Understanding Stresses In Your Employees' Life

Stress in the office environment, whether work related or not, can have strong implications on the health of employees and the performance of the whole company. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), workers who are stressed are more likely to be unhealthy, less motivated and less productive.

With stress on the rise: WorkScore's recent insights suggest that in over 14,500 Australian workers 56% of women and 45% of men experienced stress regularly.

Here are our 5 tips to reducing stress in your employees:

  • Know the difference between pressure, challenges and stress: Stress is a health impacting condition that is very serious, often caused by pressure that has exceeded limitations. To prevent usual workplace pressures from causing stress, ensure you set realistic tasks and goals with deadlines that you know can be met. Not only will productivity increase, but motivation to keep going will also be heightened.

  • Nurture and encourage your employee’s strengths: If they are knowledgeable and have the relevant skills of certain areas, set projects in these areas. By taking away the stress of having to learn new skills when someone else may be better suited, you are ensuring you task manage correctly and effectively for the best results.

  • Allow creativity and choice tasks: Although there may be some areas that need to be completed to meet deadlines or certain criteria, if you allow your staff to occasionally choose projects that they are interested in you are encouraging greater productivity and enthusiasm.

  • When possible, create a balanced time schedule: If three days of the week are extremely busy and two not so much, create a plan or schedule to help space out tasks so that the workload is even. This will decrease stress levels and allow for quality work to be produced more effectively.