Turn Negative Into Positive

Throughout life we all journey through challenges and have both positive and negative experiences. Usually the negative experiences stay with us and often hold us back or trigger us into more negative thinking patterns. This next group activity - which is perfect for the workplace, allows for us to turn those negative moments into positive ones with a simple spin and some support.

How it works:

Pair up or if in a large group, break into 3-4 people per group. One person at a time will share their negative story or experience from their lives. It needs to be true and accurate to have an impact. Once one person has shared it is up to the group to work with the sharer to see the experience in a positive light, turn it on its head and find the silver lining.

Once they are happy with the new outlook, they can re-tell their story and focus on the positive aspects that the group came up with.

Not only is this super releasing for the sharer but it teaches everyone to focus on the positive elements in life rather than wallow in the negative ones. Letting go of the past is all part of this experience and instead of holding on, positive memories are re-made. This person must discuss the same experience again, this time only focusing on the positive aspects. Each person in the group gets a turn.

This activity reinforces the importance of positive thinking. As the groups rely on one another to come up with a 'silver lining' their negative situations dissipate, freeing space in the mind.

At the end of the activity, get everyone to stand up and shake off the negativity. It will be sure to leave everyone smiling.

It is also important to note that sensitive subject matter may arise and having support available for people is very important for this exercise to work effectively. Have a list of reach-out contacts and support numbers for those in need.