Train Your Abs

Training all areas of your body is essential to achieving your health and fitness goals.

The core is often neglected but it is one of the most important muscle groups. Not only does it keep you upright and stable all day, but it is also responsible for the centre of most movements, balance and strength. 

Try this core burning workout that will have you increasing your core muscles in strength, stamina and definition. 

  1. Dead bugs x 20 reps in total.

  2. Boat pose hold 30 seconds.

  3. Russian twists x 20 reps in total.

  4. Plank to side plank rotations 1 minute.

  5. Leg lowers on floor or hanging leg raises (if you have a pull up bar available) 10 reps.

Repeat for 4-5 rounds.

Aim to train your core 2 times per week minimum or you can add this routine to the end of any workout for 2-3 sets.