Quick Tips To Improve Communication

Remember those days when we actually had to talk to someone face to face? As we rely more on technology to communicate; emails, slack, text and phone, talking 'one on one' in the workplace can often seem daunting to some and many avoid it at all costs.

However face to face communication is a very effective and a great way to engage, persuade and build relationships with colleagues/ managers. It also reduces time on writing and sending emails and can solve a problem quick sticks.

So put down the phone, step back from your laptop and prepare to engage in some old fashioned face to face communication. Follow our tips to nail that conversation!

Here are 5 tips to prepare for your next work meeting:

  1. Be prepared: Make notes and highlight key points you want to tackle before the meeting is over. Refer to your notes during the meeting to ensure you have covered your points.

  2. Breathe: Takes 5 deep breaths before the meeting starts to lower your heart rate and calm your mind. This way you can think and speak more clearly.

  3. Time: To keep to the meeting point aim to stick to the point and be clear about your thoughts, ideas and intentions. Summarise at the end to show the person you are speaking to that you are wrapping up the meeting and everyone is clear on what has been discussed.

  4. Be responsive: Maintain easy eye contact and offer gestures in your facial expressions and body language that convey that you are open to the meeting. Avoid folded arms or looking at your phone.

  5. Be clear: Use language that is simple, clear and positive. Keep sentences to a minimum and pause so that you are sure the message has been received. Ensure you ask questions if you are unsure so that you walk away feeling confident and informed.

If you have a genuine fear of meeting or public speaking why not try up-skill yourself and gain confidence with theĀ Public speaking project.

Ready to practice your skills more? Read more about the art of positive conversations here.