Tips To Destress During or After A Tough Day

There often comes a time in everyone’s life when you feel the need to let everything go, unwind and be at peace. Maybe it was a hectic day at work, a rush to meet a deadline, or dealing with family politics that made it a hard day.

The good news is that with a few tips and ideas, not only will you be able to de-stress and let go of your day but you will eventually learn to develop a better focus and be able to recognise the signs of stress before they absorb you. 

Tips to de-stress during of after a hard day:

Take a break:

When stressed, there comes a time that your body is no longer able to respond quickly and properly to the situation. You may feel worn out, blank, often feel an urge to take a break, escape the situation and leave. This is a sign that the brain has had enough, and your body demands a rest as quickly as possible. Listen to your body and take a break for what you are doing.  

Do something physical:

If your day requires a steady and continuous amount of consistency, it is highly recommended that you workout or use your body in a physical activity of some kind. It could be pumping your muscles, taking a walk, or you could just stretch out your body with yoga. The whole point of the physical workout is to ensure that your metabolism is balanced and fully regulated, keeping you healthy and motivated. This will exert a positive influence on your body enabling you to let go of your stress or find clarity of mind.

Express yourself:

If things aren't making sense then try this technique of expressing and let it all flow. You may express yourself using anything such as painting, drawing, writing, dance or talking to a close one. Rather than holding onto the feelings, expressing your thoughts will bring more clarity and reduce the weight of stress helping you to process and move forward.


Breathe deeply:

Taking 10 deep breaths is an easy and effective way to lower your blood pressure and reduce the signs of stress. Try inhaling for the count of 4 and exhaling for the count of 5. Repeat for 5 to 10 breaths and notice how your heart rate slows and your mind clears.