Time To Stop Drinking & Start Thinking?

Alcohol has become a huge part of Aussie culture, but when it starts to encroach on your health it might be time to stop drinking and start thinking.

Research shows that drinking to excess has implications on health.  Excess drinking is also, called binge drinking, or getting drunk. When you drink to excess  you are placing the body under stress and causing damage to the bodily systems.

Here are some things that can occur as a result of excess drinking:

Alcohol Poisoning:

When the body makes you vomit, it is to rid your body of excess toxins and chemicals that it cannot process. When too much alcohol is in the body, its natural response is to get rid of it, hence the vomiting. Our liver only had the ability to process one standard drink per hour. So, next time you think about binge drinking, think of what you are putting your body through and opt for having a good time without getting drunk.  


Alcohol is a depressant drug, meaning that although you may feel relaxed after one drink, many drinks however can have the adverse effect and often result in feelings of sadness, anger or anxiousness. 

Long term health effects:

There are many health implications of long term drinking such as heart and liver disease, various forms of cancer and depression and anxiety.


Small steps can lead to big victories

The good news is that there are manbenefits associated with reducing or removing your alcohol intake:

  • Weight-loss: each drink can have from 50-300 calories, treat yourself to dessert instead of that extra drink!

  • Reduced bloating: alcohol is full of preservatives and beer has high wheat and fibre content, this can cause the gut to become bloated and when consumed for long period of time created that ‘beer gut’ we see on old Uncle Bob.

  • Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes developing

  • Increased energy: You will have more energy to exercise

  • Improved hydration: alcohol makes you dehydrated so removing it from your system will result in the opposite effect

  • Save money

  • Lowers bad cholesterol

Here's our tips on making a successful transition to reducing your alcohol intake:

  • Instead of going 'cold turkey', start by limiting yourself to one or two drinks a week or on the weekend.

  • When the time is right, reduce to only drinking on special occasions and never on a weeknight.

  • Eventually work up to spending one week to one month without alcohol, you might find the first few times hard, then you will not miss it at all!

Drink alternatives to alcohol:

Instead of feeling like you are missing out, try these alternatives to alcohol and bring them with you to BBQ’S or parties.

  1. Kombucha - This is a fermented drink often served in a glad bottle that looks similar to beer or cider, without the sugar or alcohol. 

  2. Non-alcoholic beer/wine

  3. Mineral water

  4. Ginger beer (non-alcoholic)

  5. Lemon lime bitters

Relaxation alternatives: There are other ways to pick yourself up after a hard day, try running a warm bath, burning some lavender incense or simply lying down on the couch and breathing deeply while you count to 10. The relaxing effects will be just the same, without the negative effects.

Not only will you be feeling better in yourself for taking the right step in a healthier direction for your body, but you may even become a positive influence or role model for those around you.

Small steps can lead to big victories, so start your journey towards an alcohol-free future today.