Establish a Workplace Health Program

Supporting and promoting the health of employees is a rewarding, yet challenging prospect. It’s important to recognise that the workplace plays a big role in creating a healthier lifestyle. Does your workplace have a healthy workplace policy? Do you need to implement a health program?

Health and safety policies ensure employees are safe from physical, chemical and biological dangers. A healthy workplace implements workplace health programs and policies that encourages healthy lifestyles.

Promoting health and wellbeing is vital for your business to thrive. Businesses that have implemented workplace health programs have reported positive outcomes such as improved employee retention and productivity. In fact, it has been estimated that the healthiest Australian employees are three times more productive at work than their colleagues.

There are a broad range of health areas that can be addressed in your program. General health and wellbeing areas that could be addressed include nutrition, physical activity, smoking or stress management. Addressing these areas can improve opportunities for a healthier lifestyle.

However, it’s important to identify the health needs of your employees. To help you implement a successful workplace health program, here are three steps to get you started.

Introduce the concept and identify needs

It’s essential that all employees are engaged in your program. It’s important your program is relevant to the needs of your employees. Identifying their needs will help you determine the priorities for the program. Ask questions such as what health areas they would like to focus on. You can also conduct health and wellbeing surveys to gather useful information.

Identify program activities and develop an action plan

Once you’ve established your employees’ health and wellbeing needs, it’s time to identify activities. Activities should address the primary needs of your employees. They can be simple and inexpensive, such as starting a walking group. Sydney Water reduced absenteeism by encouraging staff to participate in lunch time walking groups. You can also offer flexible work hours to allow for physical activity during the day.

Promote your program

Promoting your program is essential to give it the best chance of achieving its goals. It’s important to raise awareness and generate interest in participating. Maintaining motivation and interest will allow your business to thrive over the long term. To promote your program, you can hold a program launch to raise awareness. You can also place posters in relevant places around the workplace or share employee success stories.

Implementing a sustainable and cost-effective workplace health program is achievable.  It’s important your workplace health program includes flexible and realistic activities. With these three steps, you can establish a fun and realistic program that achieves great results.

WorkScore’s wellbeing experts can help you establish effective workplace health programs and activities. If you’d like to boost business performance by improving employee wellbeing, contact us on 1300 972 673 or email [email protected].