The World's Greatest Shave

The World’s Greatest Shave—a long-standing Aussie tradition for raising money for blood cancer —turns 21 this year. Is this the year you decide to be brave and shave or colour your hair for the cause?

The Leukaemia foundation began the World’s Greatest Shave (WGS) campaign in 1998. Since then, thousands of motivated Australians have taken the brave shave leap and have encouraged their friends, family and colleagues to donate money. These funds go directly to things like disease research, family accommodation and patient transport.

Some eye-opening facts about blood cancer:  

  • 60,000 Aussies currently live with some form of the disease

  • 13,000 more are diagnosed annually

  • 4,900 Australians pass away from the disease each year

  • Blood cancer claims more lives than breast or skin cancer every year

As an entirely donation-supported organisation, the Leukaemia Foundation, and their WGS campaign community have done some amazing work.

Over the last 21 years they have:

This year, WGS has partnered with Sustainable Salons to increase the positive impact of your shave. Sustainable Salons will gather ponytails for wigs made for cancer patients. Short hair will also be put to good (and interesting!) use as compost or floating booms that absorb oil spills! You can read more about this new sustainable approach here.  

The 2019 great shave happens from the 13thto 17thof March and the goal is $16.2 million.

If you’d like to join the fundraising forces, WGS offers tips, kits and even an app to get you started. Need a run down?

  1. Head over here and sign up.

  2. Use the app or other creative ways to ask for sponsors and support.

  3. Use your fundraising page and social media to post before (and after) photos and ramp up the excitement to the big day.

  4. Decide where, when and who will be getting rid of your luscious locks.

  5. Start your shave with a creative and quirky hairstyle—or just get straight in there.

  6. Learn how to gather your cut hair for donations.

  7. Feel like a hero!

As always, fundraising events are great opportunities to get the workplace involved. If everyone isn’t keen for a buzz, alternative ways to get involved include coloured hair spray, waxing (ouch!) and face paint sporting the bright orange and blue campaign colours.

Be brave and help shave the world from blood cancer this March!