The Work Kitchen: A Space For Positive Impact

You’ve probably noticed the FAIRTRADE logo on products, but what does it really mean?

It turns out, it’s not a marketing ploy—it can have great impact on people, the planet and your company’s CSR reputation.

Fairtrade international is a global non-profit organisation that seeks to turn conventional trade on its head by ensuring sustainability and traceability within supply chains. Through strict certification and thorough auditing, Fairtrade ensures that when consumers purchase certified products, they can rest easy over how the goods were produced.

What factors does Fairtrade consider?

  • Child labour: Approximately 151 million children miss out on education due to forced labour and many work in hazardous conditions. The majority of these children work on coffee, cacao and cotton plantations. While child labour has fallen globally, Fairtrade works hard to ensure this trend continues.

  • Gender equality: Women produce 60-80% of the world’s food supply in the agriculture industry, yet they struggle to obtain fair wages, land ownership, and fair representation in decision making.

  • Farmers and workers: Without Fairtrade aid, producers are subject to lower and unstable pricing. They also may lack the empowerment to make decisions for their future. Fairtrade pays a premium for goods which farmers can then invest back into their communities.

  • Sustainability: A lack of environmental protection standards makes it difficult to hold producers accountable. Fairtrade ensures that growers consider their environmental impact and act responsibly with resources such as water and virgin forests.

We can all make conscious efforts to shop the FAIRTRADE logo in our personal lives. Yet offices are a great opportunity to have an impact on a larger scale.

How can your workplace jump on board?

Transitioning is easy

Every work kitchen has two things: coffee and tea. Speak to your employer and drinks supplier about sourcing Fairtrade options the next time an order is placed! It’s as easy as that. You can also make an impact by providing yummy Fairtrade chocolate and hot chocolate drinks as treats.

Feel Good

There are numerous global issues we can support and talk about these days. And it feels great to know that our dollar can have a positive impact on the lives of millions of other people. What a great way to make your team feel empowered!

CSR and the Triple Bottom Line

Incorporating Fairtrade products into your business can actually benefit your triple bottom line! This conscious change is worth mentioning in your company’s social and environmental impact reports.

It can also be cited in G4 Sustainability Reporting, the UN Global Impact, and be used to improve a Dow Jones Sustainability Index score.

 Be A Role Model

Be proud of any changes your company makes towards positive social and environmental impacts. By taking this step, you set an example for all employees and your customers, showing them that you mean good business.

Moving to Fairtrade products in the workplace means that everyone wins: at work and beyond!