Clean Desk or Personalised?

These days, personalisation is everywhere. You can get your initials engraved on pretty much anything and companies are becoming obsessed with tailoring product offerings to suit individual tastes.

It’s not surprising then that personalisation in the workplace is gaining popularity. Research found allowing workers to decorate their workspace (hang photos, have plants) improved productivity by 30 percent.

Now, before you enforce a ‘BYO furniture day’, here are six tips to make personalised desks work for you and your employees:

Set reasonable boundaries Go and let them personalise! But be warned, offices are professional spaces, so set reasonable limits when it comes to decorations. In short nothing offensive, intrusive (like huge plants) or controversial.

Involve staff when refurbishing Refitting your office space makes for an excellent opportunity to work with your people on design elements. One study found workspace design and decoration affects how people feel, perform and even commit to the organisation. So, if you’re serious about engagement, gather office design ideas and make your staff feel it’s their space.

Embrace diversity Cultural celebrations aren’t just about decoration. These usually have a personal connection to staff members who observe it. So, encourage your people to bring some diversity into decorations. We all know about some holidays, like Christmas, but why not invite them to decorate for the Lunar New Year, Diwali or Eid?

Allow personalisation in shared spaces Did you know team performance increases when employees work in a character-filled and personalised environment? Give training rooms and workshop spaces a much-needed facelift by allowing your employees to come up with design and decoration ideas for these spaces.

Be a role model People value leaders who are genuine and the best way to display this is to show a side of your personality. Your desk is a great place to start, have family photos, travel memorabilia or even the colours of your favourite footy team on show. Take the lead by creating an inviting space.

Be consistent Nobody likes inequality. So, make sure the same policy and budget for decorating spaces apply to every department, team and individual.

Permit your people to turn desks into their domain and set them up for success.