The Keys To A Better Workplace Experience

Experiences are powerful. That’s why marketers focus on customer experiences. That’s also true for the employee experience. According to research, companies who offer excellent employee experiences outperformed S&P 500 businesses by 122 per cent!

However, there’s more to be done. Despite nearly 80 per cent of leaders recognising the importance of the employee experience, only 22 per cent were confident about their efforts.

That means your company could get ahead of the pack if you get the employee experience mix right. How? You need to gain feedback on workplace elements that impact employee experience.

At WorkScore, we believe five key measures help create a better work experience.


How satisfied are your employees about their work? Knowing the answer sets the scene for your employees’ experience.

An IBM study found that physical workspace, environment and work activities contribute to employee experience. So, understanding how to provide the right balance of a good work environment, systems and time for themselves lead to better workplace experiences.


One report states Australians are very happy with their personal lives. The gap lies in their work lives, and it’s not a money matter.

We want to work for companies who care about our wellbeing. It makes sense for thoughtful employers to find out employees’ health concerns. Doing something about it adds to the richness of the employee experience.


Health and wellbeing link tightly with diet. The time people spend in the workplace shapes their eating habits. What barriers do your employees face when it comes to eating well? Finding out could be pivotal for improving how your employees feel.

Tasmania Police enjoys a success story on influencing workplace eating. They were able to roll out a practical plan because it addressed real staff concerns about healthy eating at work. The program resulted in employees who are healthier, make better food choices and are happier at work.


There’s no denying that fitter employees are engaged. The correlation between exercise and focus at work is indeed a strong one.

But exercise doesn’t happen naturally. For most people, it can be a real struggle. Do your people exercise? If not, what’s stopping them? How can you encourage them to add more fitness in their day? Navigating these questions can help give your employees a better experience of workplace workouts.


Don’t forget about the inner person too. How is the mental wellbeing of your employees?

It’s a vital question because supporting good mental health at work saves our economy $4.5 billion. Plus, for many workers, the effect of their workplace on their mental health equals the difference between a horrible and excellent employee experience.

Want to elevate your employee experience? WorkScore can help. We provide businesses with the tools to gain meaningful insights into the elements that impact employee wellbeing and, ultimately, engagement. If you’re ready to create an exceptional workplace experience, contact WorkScore now.