The Importance Of Exercise To Your Health

Are all components of wellbeing equal? Or can one element outweigh others when it comes to our overall health? Like school subjects it seems, we might be playing favourites when it comes to aspects of our wellbeing. WorkScore discovered that out of all the wellbeing components we measure, fitness or exercise needs the most shaping up.


According to our analysis of nearly 9,000 people, 21 per cent don’t exercise.

Interestingly, the same group also report poor concentration, high stress and difficulty switching off from work.

This begs the question, is exercise the essential component of wellbeing? And if you’re eating well, meditating and maintaining a right work-life balance, could that be enough?

We think fitness is a crucial element for good health. Here are four reasons why:

Exercise improves your overall health

Sure, the most popular reason to exercise is weight loss. But one can argue that eating right is the best way to shed kilos. The principle to remember is that your wellbeing concerns more than your waistline.

Exercise isn’t just a weight loss aid

The Mayo Clinic lists better sleep, increased energy levels and even enjoyment as some of the health benefits of exercise.

Physical activity also reduces your risk of suffering from serious illnesses such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes and even some cancers. It also gives you stronger muscles, joints and bones which means fewer trips and falls and lower risk of osteoporosis.

Exercise improves your mood

Yes, physical activity releases happy chemicals! When you exercise, endorphins come to trigger positive feelings. So, if you are struggling to get fit, remember it’s guaranteed to make you feel better.

Plus, those health benefits we listed above all contribute to a better mindset. Particularly good sleep and higher energy levels, because no one feels happy when they're tired or sleepy!

Exercise improves your work

Here’s another reason to get moving: It’s good for your career. The same mood-boosting chemicals also lift creativity and make you a better team player. It results in improved work satisfaction which makes you more productive. That’s great news for you and your company.

If you only worked on your favourite school subject, you’ll never graduate. Just as education is about gaining knowledge on different subject matters, so is wellbeing the result of developing its many elements. Exercise might not be your favourite, but it’s a crucial component to overall health. Besides, the rewards of staying fit are too great to ignore.