The Booty Builder Burner

It's getting colder and you may been feeling a little bleh, unmotivated and dreary. Pick yourself up with the booty building burner of a workout that will have you feeling all warm and fuzzy and allow your glutes to come alive again!

Complete 30 seconds-1 minute of each exercise depending on your level of fitness. Rest between exercises for 20 seconds and repeat 3 rounds all together.

  1. Shuttle runs: Shuttle run or side step from one cone to another, spaced 20 meters apart. Repeat, no stopping!

  2. Sumo squats: Take a really wide stance for these squats, ensure your toes are facing out from the body and as you sit back into the squat, keep the chest open, shoulders back and remember to sit 'back and down' into your imaginary seat.

  3. Goblet Squats: Grab a dumbbell or kettle bell or anything heavy that you have lying around, books or large drink bottles make great weights. Hold your item in your hands and lower down into your squat, keeping the item at chest height the entire time, activating the arms and opening the shoulder as you lower and rise. 

  4. Plie squats: Just like they do in ballet, stand nice and wide on your tippy toes and lower, slowly (as to not lose your balance) into a squat whilst staying on those tippy toes. Repeat for the ultimate calf burn.

  5. Press squats: With 2 items of choice, make sure they weigh the same amount, place them on your shoulders, lower into your squat, then push the items into the air as you rise in one smooth motion. 

  6. BB squats: If you don't have access to a barbell, simply place your hands behind your head, elbows out and lower down into your squat, otherwise, with a bb safely on your traps, lower and power up, core on.

  7. Jump squats: Make these are low or as high as your body allows, remember to listen to your body as everyone is different. Come down into your squat then push up into a jump, landing back safely into your next squat.

  8. Low squats: Half reps are never allowed, except for these pulsating devils. Get low, then pulse 1.4 of the way up and back down for the whole time. Oh the burn.

  9. Close squats: Similar to chair pose in yoga, have your feel under your hips and have your hands out in front of you, arms long. Lower down into your imaginary chair until you feel activation in the quads (front of the thighs), then rise back up and repeat.

  10. Wall sit: Find yourself a good sturdy wall (brick if possible) or door. Lower down on it into a squat position with the legs at 90 degrees to the floor and feet out from the body. Your back should be flat against the wall or door and shoulders open, head back. Hold, breathe, let yourself go to your happy place, then release!

Well-done! Your workout is over, but you may feel some soreness in the lower body of the next few days if you have not used these muscles recently. Remember to stretch, foam roll and rest.