The Benefits Of Practising Digital Discipline

From group chats to banking and everything in between, mobile phones have become the remote controls of our lives.

But with the average Australian now spending more time on their digital devices than they do at work, it seems our handheld friends exert more power over us than we do them.

The benefits of unplugging are as desirable as they are far reaching. One study of 35 CEOs, entrepreneurs and influencers found that temporarily cutting ties with technology improves posture, body language and the quality of social interactions. After just three days of digital detoxing, the participants experienced superior sleep, were better able to recall information and displayed more advanced storytelling and problem-solving capabilities.  

While placing an outright ban on smartphones and tablets isn’t practical for most, it is still possible to boost your wellbeing by reintroducing a sense of digital discipline into your life.

Here are some ways to get started on a digital detox:

  1. Focus on the person in front of you: With 89% of us admitting to using our devices while out socialising, it’s little wonder four out of five people believe phones are ruining the quality of face-to-face interactions. Next time you’re out for a meal, have your friends stack their phones in the centre of the table. The first person to disrupt the pile pays for dinner.

  2. Essential notifications only: Every time your phones buzzes or a pop-up appears on screen, your brain receives a mood boosting shot of dopamine. Because of this, we are lured into answering our phone’s every call which in turn eats into our time. Limit the potential for distraction by disabling any unnecessary notifications on your device.

  3. Switch off your data: Struggling to get through your work? Try putting your phone on aeroplane mode or temporarily blocking tempting sites from your browser so you can apply yourself to what matters.

  4. Cleanse your newsfeed: When used correctly, social media allows us to interact with people and stories from all over the world instantaneously. But when your newsfeed is dominated by sites you liked when you were fifteen, it can be time consuming and frustrating. Make the most of your online experience by streamlining the content you receive to suit your personal interests.

  5. No tech before you’re dressed: According to the experts, starting your day with a scroll strips you of your independence by exposing you to the demands of others before you’re ready to deal with them. Revamp your morning routine by preparing for the day ahead prior to picking up your phone.

  6. Bedroom ban: 64% of Australians regularly use their phones in bed. Electronic devices have a negative effect on sleep because the blue light they emit activates arousing neurons in the brain and disrupts the body’s ability to produce melatonin. If you’re having trouble nodding off try making your bedroom a tech-free zone.

  7. Make use of your free time: Placing restrictions on your phone usage will leave you with more time to do the things you love. Make the most of your newfound freedom by using it to improve your health, enhance your relationships and work towards your personal goals.