The Benefits Of Desk Bikes

WorkScore has recently acquired a desk bike. Not only do we love it for it’s fun factor, but it is also a great way to keeping the body moving while getting your work done at the same time.

You have the option of adjusting the resistance on them too, allowing for all level of fitness and the best part - no helmet required, hat hair be gone!

Check us out here using our new bike.

There are also many other great benefits to adding desk bikes into your workplace:

A recent study conducted in 2016 found that workers who had desk bikes had high rates of “focus and concentration” as well as improved overall productivity due to being unable to become distracted.

Additionally, the results showed increased motivated and engagement.

Another study found that used in a setting where people were spoken to and asked to retain information, their memory was not affected and their attention to the speaker was increased. Desk bike meeting anyone?

The mental health of your employees is also important and desk bikes can help improve this by increasing physical activity (which is known to improve mental health).

With an increase in positive energy, circulation and body movement, there are more positives than negatives to desk bikes.

Save your employees from sedentary lifestyles by providing a few desk bikes in the office.

At WorkScore we book time slots of 10-30 minutes so that everyone gets to have a go. That being said, we only have one desk bike. The more you have, the more time you can spend on them!

Any extra movement throughout the day is great. Sitting is deadly.

Where to get them:

There are two main types of desk bikes. The first one is a bike with a desk built into the top. The second is a more affordable and portable option, they sit under your pre-existing desk and are simply a set of pedals. The second option is great for small spaces or home offices. 

Here are some links:

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Small all in one desk bike

The one WorkScore has