Team Building Workouts

When it comes to finding exercises that are fun, engaging and still give you a great workout at the same time, you may feel like your options are limited. 

Well, we have come up with some great ways you can encourage team building, relationship strengthening and a great sense of achievement/fun at the same.

  1. Push up or plank competition. Gather your teams, even in numbers is a must. Play tag team aiming to get to the maximum amount of push ups you can in 1 minute or see how many people it takes to plank for 5 minutes straight. In order to move onto the next exercise you must complete 5 full minutes of planking and stop the clock as you switch people over. The team who gets to 5 minutes first wins!

  2. Must complete 200 squats to get back to work or to get a prize. This is another great team option as it makes everyone work hard together towards the same goal. Add them up as you go, the more effort each team member puts in, the quicker it is over!

  3. The line up: Get everyone to line up and hold a squat as you pass an object, such as a stress ball or even something as simple as a stapler, to the left, keep passing as fast as you can without dropping it. When it reaches the end of the line everyone gets a 10 seconds rest, then head it back down the line. This is a great way to encourage teams to work together to get the object to the other end of the line faster.

  4. Partner sit ups: Seated on the floor, face each other (in pairs), feet touching. Place one foot on top of your partners and allow them to do the same for you to stop your feet floating up in the air. Lie back and do a sit up as you high five, no hi-five means no rep! Aim for 3 sets of 20 reps.

  5. Walking lunges: Similar to a three legged race, these walking lunges require concentration, trust and working in sync. Palm to palm at all times (one hand each), walk forward into your lunges for 10 reps, turn around and head back, without parting hands the whole way. First team to get all couples back to the start line wins. If you release palms you must start from the start.

  6. Team walking meetings: Get a walking group going at the same time 2-3 times a week, if pushed for time why not turn a boring seated meeting into a walking meeting where the brain can come up with new ideas as you pump blood around the body and get your vitamin D for the day.

Try these great options and create a fun workout or challenge for the day. These exercises don't require heaps of time or equipment and can easily be done in an office space. Contact WorkScore to organise a fun filled team building workout for your business today.