Take A Bite: World Cuisines To Try

Can’t decide what to eat? Need some excitement in your plate? If you’re bored with your usual pasta or sushi lunch, join us for a food trip to tickle the taste buds.

Here are some really healthy cuisines from around the world to try:

South American cuisine

South American cuisine is sophisticated and exciting with 12 countries taking food influences from Spain, Portugal, Africa and local ancient cultures.

All that diversity results in a merry mix of flavour, colour and nutrition. Vegetables like corn, tomatoes and pumpkin, fruits like avocados and plantains, plus delicious herbs and aromatics like coriander, chilli and onions all feature heavily. So, there’s always something healthy and exciting on the menu, be it fresh seafood ceviche or protein-packed quinoa.

Kick-start your day with this super easy acai smoothie bowl. We think you’ll also love this quinoa and chimichurri bowl to keep you full through the day!

Nordic cuisine Stop thinking Swedish meatballs and mash! The everyday Nordic diet includes low-GI staples such as rye, barley and oats. They also use a lot of berries and fruits plus vegetables like carrots, peas and cabbage.

Nordic eating is heavy on fresh and low on processed. It’s also limited in the sweets and red meat department, featuring more wholegrain bread and fish instead.

Enjoy an excellent and wholesome (for the whole grains) Nordic-inspired snack with this rye crispbread recipe. For a tasty side salad, why not give this beetroot, caper and dill salad a spin? 

Korean cuisine

Korean food is all about Yin and Yang: a balance of taste and colours. It’s also about treating meat more like a side dish rather than the centre of a meal. That might be how Koreans keep their obesity rates so low.

Their signature dish, kimchi, is chockful of health benefits too. It’s rich in good bacteria that aids digestion. Plus, the spiciness in kimchi also boosts metabolism.

Give this super healthy vegetarian bibimbap recipe a go for a tasty weekday lunch or quick dinner. A quick but chic snack are these puffed rice crackers with edamame and soybean paste.

Iranian cuisine

Beyond kebabs, Iranian cooking is a showcase of exciting ingredients like saffron, nuts, lemons and even the humble eggplant. But Persian cuisine is also balanced. They take the Ayurvedic idea of varying a meal’s content between ingredients like nuts, fruits, fresh herbs and good quality meat.

Take your taste buds on a Persian journey with this chicken fesenjan recipe. For a tempting dip, try this grilled eggplant and cheese with some fresh flatbread!