Swimming: The Ultimate Exercise Choice

Okay, we’re going out on a limb here with a claim that swimming is the ultimate exercise choice. What makes us say that? Well, it’s easy to get started, and there aren’t many barriers to taking it up either. Besides, it’s a lot of fun and something you can do with friends, kids and even your pet dog!

That said, here are five more reasons why we think swimming is a great exercise option:

It covers all workout types

You might think that swimming is just an aerobic workout, but it’s much more. By going against the resistance that water provides, you’ll improve your strength. Your buoyancy in the water means you can burn calories in a low-impact way (great for those who are new to exercise). Finally, swimming movements can also improve flexibility. 

It works the entire body

Almost every muscle in your body is involved when you swim. You’ll use your arms and legs to swim strokes and propel yourself while also working your core. It’s even an ideal way to counteract the effects that sitting places on your back. Being in a horizontal pose while working out means no hard impact on your back when you swim—improving posture and giving your back a much-needed stretch. 

It’s suitable for almost anyone

Young or old, fit or not, anyone can give swimming a go. It’s even a great workout option for those with health conditions such as arthritis, diabetes and those who are overweight. Warm water relieves joint pain, and it can significantly help in lowering blood sugar and burning calories in a less stressful way than land-based exercises.

If you don’t know how to swim or aren’t confident in the water, most local swim centres offer swimming lessons for adults. Swimming can be taken up at any age, and the basics are straightforward and easy to learn.

It can be cheaper than the gym

All you need to start is a swimming costume. Goggles and swim caps are optional items, but still much less expensive than other fitness equipment if you decide to purchase it. You’ll also need access to a pool. Most local swim centres offer affordable year-long passes or if you really want to save, why not try doing some laps on a beachside rockpool? Most Aussie beaches have them, they’re free to use, and your skin and hair will love the soothing salt water!

It may save your life

Yes, exercise extends your life and protects you from illness, but swimming comes in handy even in life-threatening situations. Plus, if you’re an active swimmer, you might be able to save someone else’s life if they are in danger in the water. Indeed, it’s a life skill everyone should learn.

So, slap on your sunscreen and squeeze into your cozzie—now is a great time to make swimming a part of your exercise routine!