Stretching To Ease Stiffness

When we stretch we lengthen the muscle fibres, the longer you hold the stretch, the more you will get out of it. Stretching needs to be completed multiple times per day to gain flexibility.

If you find that tying your shoes is becoming increasingly difficult, or that doing up your dress in the morning takes way more effort on your shoulders than it should, it might be time to stop and think about your stretching routine. And if you are looking at the screen thinking, what stretching routine? Then this article is for you!

Whether you are a regular exerciser or consider walking from the couch to the fridge as your daily walk, you need to stretch. Even the most active people forget to add warm up or cool down stretches in their workout routine.

Types of stretching:

  • Static: Static stretching is what you need to increase your flexibility or simply feel less stiff in everyday situations and whilst completing tasks.

  • Dynamic: Dynamic stretching is perfect to warm up the body, for the day, before work and especially before your workout.

Reasons to stretch:

  • Increase range of motion (ROM): The aim of stretching is to increase your range of motion, prevent injury and to allow the body to complete activities with more ease. As you age, it is common for the body to increase in stiffness, due to reduced muscle movement and no stretching.

  • Reduce injuries: As the body ages, we become less and less resilient to injuries, so more flexibility equals less damage and recovery time will be faster.  

  • Breathing: Through breathing slowly and in a controlled manner you can delve deeper in the stretch and slowly increase how far your muscles allow you to stretch and hold for.  

Add a simple stretch routine to your day and feel long, lean and supple.