Stay Hydrated

As adults, we need around 1-1.5 litres of water per day in our diets to keep our bodies functioning at an optimal level.  

Water loss: No, its not just sweat and  number ones in the loo, we also lose water when passing bowl movements, when we spit saliva and exhale breath, as well as pretty much all over bodily fluids that we excrete throughout the day.

Another thing to be mindful of is if you are vomiting. This can result in severe dehydration if you can’t keep down water, so remember to either sip intermittently or have an ice block with electrolytes.

Habits to adopt:

Every morning drink 1 large glass of water before you eat or drink anything else, not only will this suppress a heavy appetite and aid in weight loss/ management, but after around 8-10 hours sleep you will need a drink of water. Start the day off right and keep hydrated, all year round!

Ways you can get more water into your life:

  1. Have a large refillable drink bottle on your desk at work

  2. Provide a drink station that is visible, with a water dispenser and cups, in the home or office to encourage more people to drink up

  3. Spice up your water with some lemon, berries or make your own ice tea

  4. Frozen smoothie blocks made with coconut water are super hydrating. Try blending berries and a banana with 1 cup of coconut water and pour into ice trays, pop a few out and eat them like mini ice blocks

  5. With more than 90% water content; watermelon, lettuce and cucumber are great hydrating fruits and vegetables that you should include in your diet if you struggle to drink throughout the day

  6. Tea and coffee, black or with little milk and herbal tea are great in the colder months, when water just won’t do

  7. Install a water filter on your tap or buy a water filter jug for extra pure tasting water