Stay Fit While Away From Home

Working out when on holiday can seem near impossible, you are not in your regular space, with your gym bag, and you have no idea where to start to look for a nearby gym.

Rest assured you do not need a gym, nor do you really need to think too hard about staying fit and not loosing all your hard work while away. Here are some great ways to keep fit:

  1. Hotel workout: 10 x bed or chair dips, 20 squats, 30 lunges, 20 crunches, 20 jumping jacks. Repeat 5 times.

  2. Go for morning and evening walks. Not only does this wake up the body in a nice and refreshing way as the sun comes up, but after a full day of delicious food, walking it off before bed is also a great way to wind down and chat about the adventures of the day.

  3. Swim! The hotel pool is there for more than just aesthetics. Why not do some slow laps with your significant other?

  4. Explore and adventure, find a hike, go to a lookout, pack a healthy picnic, then trek back down. Not only will you have met your exercise requirements for the day but you are still having a great and fun holiday.

  5. Throw in a few squats and push ups to start your day. Challenge yourself to do one extra each day you are away.

  6. Book a bike ride or hire some bikes. This is a great way to see your holiday destination a little quicker and cheaper than public transport or walking.

  7. Go to a museum instead of a show or movie, this requires much more walking than sitting!

  8. Give your body a rest too! Although you may be worried about loosing all of your hard work, your body also deserves a rest while on holiday. Allow for this by eating fresh and healthy food and taking a stroll along a beach or in a park.

  9. Ease back into your normal routine. When the fun is over and it’s back to reality we often think we can rock up to the gym and pick up where we left off. You may cause yourself an injury if you do this, so always ease your way back in, not going too hard too fast on your first proper session back.

  10. Resistance bands! These fold-able and super light weight pieces of equipment are perfect for travelling and can be used for all areas of the body. Click here to see an example of the amazing things that can be achieved with one single band.