Start A Creative Revolution At Work

As the business landscape gets becomes more competitive, it seems to stay afloat you need to come up with something from nothing. Could it be that only those with a mind like Steve Jobs’ can enjoy truly successful companies? Or can any business tap into the benefits of creativity?

Giving birth to new ideas is great for business. A study found 67 per cent of companies that encouraged creativity and innovation enjoyed above-average revenue growth.

Not only does creativity boost your company’s financial health, but it also does wonders for employee wellbeing. Indeed, research participants who took part in creative activities daily reported improved positivity and happiness.

Want to start a creative revolution at your workplace? You don’t have to be Picasso to do it by the way. Here are five tips to encourage your teams (or the entire company) to come up with something from nothing:

Start a process

It sounds counter-intuitive, but hear it out. Just because it’s ‘creativity’ doesn’t mean you can’t put a structure in place for how to suggest ideas or how these will get executed. If you’re clear about criteria and the steps involved from idea to implementation, more people will participate.

Be observant

Many think that being creative means coming up with something entirely new. In reality, there’s nothing new under the sun and creativity can mean finding better ways of doing things. Let your people get inspiration from looking and listening around them.

Create value

Do you need help coming up with new services or products? Remember, people purchase to solve problems. Get your teams to come up with something valuable that doesn’t take much to get started.

Promoting creativity can also help solve problems within your business. If you’ve hit an obstacle, open it up to some creative ideas from your people.

Recognise and reward

Not all ideas will make it to implementation so make sure contributors are recognised. And for those ideas that do make it all the way through, provide a generous reward.

Assess and improve

Once you’re idea-creation program or process has run for a period, it’s good to measure key success factors. Look at the number of ideas contributed, implemented and any suggestions your employees have put forward. Also, measure the impact it’s made on employee happiness at work. If you decide to keep the program as a feature use, these factors to make improvements to it.

Add creativity to your workforce by making something from nothing. You’ll benefit from better business results and improved employee wellbeing—no paintbrushes required!