Star Gazing For Mindfulness

The winter months equals longer nights and a perfect time to star gaze across the southern skies. Studies suggest a littleĀ star gazing will help you to feel relaxed, kind, creative and calm. Find yourself in a meditative state while enjoying the stars above with our steps below.

  1. Clear night: Check the weather forecast before you begin gathering up your things and finding a great spot to sit. If the weather is said to be cloudy your chances of seeing a clear night sky are minimal. If you live in a city where air and light pollution are high, consider taking a trip somewhere more rural for a clearer and more relaxing star gazing experience.

  2. Phone a friend: Bring a friend, family member of loved one along with you for this often-great outing. It can be quite romantic to sit under the stars!

  3. Practice mindfulness: If you decide to go alone, embrace your own company and set yourself some mindfulness tasks as you gaze. Focus on listening to your surroundings, your breath, looking up in the sky and focusing on one star, let it lead you to another. You may even be able to spot some constellations. Study the moon, learn what phase it is in. This exercise should be mindful, relaxing and peaceful, nevertheless you may learn something too!

  4. Get Comfortable: Before you go, ensure you bring enough comfort items such as a jumper, blanket, pillows and even some music if you require. The more comfortable and relaxed you are, the longer you will want to gaze and the more you will gain.

  5. Open eyes and open mind: Begin with your eyes open and then try to open and clear the mind to all other thoughts. Your mind should be reeling with thoughts of the sky, stars, the moon and freedom. Let yourself be in the moment.

  6. Share your new-found love for star gazing with others and invite them along next time to experience the serenity and beauty of the night sky.