Spring Into A Spring Workout

The sun is finally out as spring has hit us with some gorgeous weather. Make the most of what is around you outdoors with this super fun park workout. Bring the dog or the kids or both! They will love watching you do all the cool things, who knows, they may even join in!

What you need:

  • Drink bottle

  • Large towel 

  • A huge smile!

Spring into action:

  1. Using a pole, log or fence horizontal post, do some dips: These should activate the triceps and not use the hips the get you back up again.

  2. Step ups on a park bench: Most parks have a bench of some kind or if not, try to find some stairs. Step up and down for 1 minute x 3-5 times, alternating your starting leg.

  3. Run laps: Time yourself and aim to reach your end point a little faster each time.

  4. Set a timer (this can be counting in your head) to 30 seconds and do high knees, seal jacks and squats (30 seconds of each).

  5. Swing set elevated lunge (Bulgarian split squats). If there is a swing set, place your back foot onto the swing, resting it there, step the other foot forward into a lunge position. Aim for 10 each leg 3-5 times. 

  6. Mountain climbers: on your towel or on the grass, get into a high plank position. Bring one knee in towards the chest at a time, alternating, getting faster as your go. Aim for 20-30 reps. 

  7. Park bench incline or decline push ups depending on your level of fitness: these are great because if you do incline it is a little easier than regular push ups, and decline is harder than regular push ups. Try both and see how you go!

Finish with some mountain to cobra yoga poses and tree pose for balance and restoration of the body. Rest in child's pose as you let your heart rate come down and the feel the warmth of the sun radiating over your back.