Spring Has Sprung: Get Everyone Moving

Spring has sprung which means lighter evenings, warmer mornings and for many people an increase in the desire to exercise. It is also a perfect time to get employees moving more and we have compiled some easy warm ups for your staff.

Before you begin use the following guide lines to help you get the most engagement possible.

  1. Get everyone standing, you can do this in teams to accommodate work load.

  2. Make it fun by adding some tunes into the mix, make them fast paced and fun to sing along to.

  3. Loosen up - yes you may be in the workplace but by shaking all that bad juju off onto the floor is a great way to up morale and bring employees together

  4. Be the influence they want to see. If you are not participating, then how can you expect others to do it?

  5. Make it fun: structured movements are not for everyone, allow for all levels of fitness by using the following exercises

  6. Make fun of yourself! As much as it will a be a little cringe worthy for yourself as a leader, by doing this you are allowing others to feel less vulnerable and more at ease with the idea of warming up with their leader and maybe even enjoying it!

Warm up routines to try:

  • The torso twist - Stand tall with legs shoulder width apart and hands resting on your waist. Twist from side to side about 90 degrees. Move with the shoulder and hold a moment at each side.

  • The windmill - 

    • Step out to the right with your right leg coming into a narrow side lunge.

    • Twist your torso to the right, bringing your left hand to your right foot.

    • Push off your right foot to return to standing upright, then repeat twisting to the other side.

  • Forward bend and roll all the way back up.

  • Raise the arms and lift up onto the tippy toes, stretching out the spine

  • Sit to stand (no hands)

  • Wall sit for 90 seconds.

  • Interlace fingers and push to the sky.

  • Side steps to the beat

Spring challenge:

Every day this spring, allocate an exercise to the day of the week. Encourage others by making it into a little competition between departments or teams. Who ever completes the list every week wins a prize. By making these small changes you will be feeling stronger and happier this spring! 

  1. Squats x 50

  2. Crunches x 50

  3. Lunges x 25 each leg

  4. Star jumps x 50

  5. Mountain climbers x 50

  6. Plank hold 30s-1 min

  7. Kicks x 30 each leg