Simple Tips to Slow Down Your Busy Life

Do you find yourself walking fast, eating fast, talking fast, or driving fast? Are you filling every moment of your day with tasks or scrolling mindlessly through your phone? We live in a fast-paced world and many of us have forgotten how to slow down our busy lives. 

If you are ready to buck this trend and enjoy a slower pace, read on.

Being constantly on the go, feeling tied to a must do list of never- ending duties can leave you feeling drained, exhausted and helpless.

Allowing yourself to make a few small changes can have a dramatic effect on slowing down your pace of life, making you feel happier.

Let’s commit to slowing down with these simple tips-

  • Do less -If you live in the moment of what you are doing and appreciate what is happening at this time, rather than rushing on to the next thing, you will start to feel calmer and more in control of life. Focus on one thing at a time, try not to multi-task as this will increase adrenaline and create a cycle of over-stimulation within the brain, making it harder to concentrate on one topic. Read the article ‘being v doing’.

  • Pay more attention to yourself – eat well include lots of fruit and vegetables. Refer to the article on ‘plant-based diet’. Try to get into a routine at night-time to sleep well, avoiding caffeine and alcohol. Turn off devices and start to wind down an hour or so before bed. Try a hot bath in the evening to relax. You’ll find more on this subject in the article ‘tips for a better shut eye’.

  • Walk mindfully and live in the moment -Enjoy a walk but notice your surroundings and pay attention to the sounds as you walk. Bringing your attention to the present moment will allow you to feel calm. When your attention wanders bring it back to the present but don’t be too critical of yourself, it takes practice to keep your mind focused. See the article on ‘Self care’.

  • Enjoy your food -don’t rush your meal, relax and savour the flavours. Notice what you like about the food and try to make each meal last 20mins or more. Eating your food quickly will lead to heartburn and indigestion. You are also more likely to consume more calories as you are not allowing your brain to register it’s full. Chewing your food for longer may help you to eat less during that meal.

  • Schedule some relaxing time -if you don’t plan it, it probably won’t happen. Write down a time for yourself to just be rather than do. See article ‘being v doing’. Engage in some deep breathing exercises or listen to a mindfulness app. Something as simple as taking the time to sip your favourite tea may also make you feel relaxed. An example of a simple breathing technique is, breathe in through the nose, hold the breath, then breathe out through the mouth.

  • Say ‘No’ with thanks – Have the strength to say no if that’s what you want. Saying ‘yes’ to everything will leave you feeling resentful and frustrated. Do not feel obligated to others, take back control. It’s not always easy to say no, but if you pass with kindness or give an alternative suggestion, this will make it easier.

  • Drive slower – because we’re always connected, there are always distractions. The constant rush of going from one place to another quickly will ultimately lead to carelessness. In Australia it is illegal to use your phone whilst driving. Slow down and appreciate your journey.

Life is short and can easily be missed if we don’t take the time to appreciate what we have now.