Simple Swaps For A Healthier You

We are what we eat. Sure, genetics and our environment play a role too, but by and large, our bodies are a result of what we put in it. The irony is that it’s way too easy to put in what’s bad! Unhealthy food choices are abundant, convenient and affordable.

How do we fight it? We think it’s time for food swaps. But as with any choice, the alternative must feel good for us to stick with it.

Sure enough, the author of The Small Change DietKeri Gans, says, “Making small changes is more doable because you don’t feel as deprived… In the long run, small changes will lead up to big results.”

That’s why we’ve put together our top picks for simple, delicious and healthy food swaps for the office:

Swap your caffeine hit:

If you absolutely must have a coffee, go for a short coffee instead of one with milk. If you can’t live without tea, try swapping for herbal or go for the boss of tisanes—Rooibos which is packed with antioxidants and is satisfyingly aromatic.

Swap your snacks:

A staple in offices everywhere is banana bread. Much like it’s deceiving cousin, carrot cake, the presence of fruit in its name does not make it healthy. Instead, make a better version by topping a wholegrain slice of bread with slices of real bananas, topped with cinnamon—All the flavours of banana bread without the side serving of guilt!

Another familiar foe is the potato chip. Mimic the crunch and flavour of chips by roasting chickpeas with a drizzle of olive oil. You can even add a little bit of salt and vinegar or barbecue sauce to make it a real chip swap!


"Small changes will lead up to big results”

Swap your spread:

If you’re eating a white bread alternative (like rye or whole grain bread), we commend you. Let’s take that a step further though, and swap peanut butter, cream cheese and bread’s other not so healthy spread-mates. Try almond, sunflower or walnut butter instead. Swap cream cheese for low-fat cottage cheese and your body will thank you.

While you’re at it, ditch the mayo in your sandwich too. Just two tablespoons of mayonnaise equal 200 calories compared to the 140 calories in the same amount of hummus or 160 in mustard. Cutting the amount you slop on your sandwich means even fewer calories.

Swap your dip:

In an attempt to make veggie sticks more palatable we’ve all been guilty of dunking them in some dip. The creamy types are popular, but let’s do our bodies a favour and swap those for lower calorie, tomato-based salsas or low-fat tzatziki—which has fewer calories than the creamy and cheesy types.  

No need to make a trip to the chips aisle when preparing for your workweek’s worth of food. Try these simple swaps and be proud of your choices.