Simple Stretching

Sometimes our poor bodies just need a little bit of nurturing and stretching regularly is a great way to do just that! Get the whole family involved, your kids and pets might show you a thing or two...

Simple stretching: Throw down a towel or keep your yoga mat under your desk and go to the park. Flow through some simple stretches, ensure to include the legs, chest, arms, backs and neck.

Top 6 stretches:

  1. Hamstrings: Standing straight with your feet together, raise your arms up high above your head then let the spine roll down with the arms to your feet, aim to touch your toes or ankles and hold for 3 breaths. Repeat 4 times and try to get a little deeper each time.

  2. Lower back stretch: Lying flat on your back, bring both knees into your chest and then let them roll to the left side while you open your arms out like wings and turn your head to face the right side. Return back to the centre and repeat on the other side, ensure to hold for 3 deep breaths.

  3. Triceps stretch: Crossing one arm across your chest place the other arm on top of the elbow and pull your arm closer to you as you slide the top arm down towards your wrist for a deeper stretch.

  4. Child's pose: With the knees wider than the hips and toes together, chest facing the floor and arms out stretched in front of you, let the glutes sink back and down towards your feet as your lower back feels a sense of relief.

  5. Quadriceps stretch: In a deep lunge position place the knee to the floor and tilt the pelvis forward to allow the hip and quads to stretch.

  6. Downward facing dog: Start on all fours, then press your hips up to the sky, tilting the chest towards your thighs and elongating through the backs of the legs, bend your knees as much as you need, focus on getting the hips high. Breathe...